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The total number of graduates who have completed CareerFoundry career change programs and courses.


The average salary increase that a CareerFoundry graduate achieves in their first role after graduation.

75 days

The average amount of time it takes a CareerFoundry graduate to land their first job in their new field after graduation.

Job guarantee

We understand that changing careers is a big step. Our career-change programs for beginners come with a guarantee: you’ll get a job within 6 months of graduating, or we’ll refund your full tuition.

Career Services

Halfway through the career-change programs, a dedicated career specialist steps in to work with each student on a tailor-made job-search strategy—covering everything from cover letter-writing and interview prep to identifying suitable opportunities and creating a personal brand.

How graduates find their new jobs

Our graduates now work at…

Google, Apple, Paypal, Ebay, Facebook etc

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Portfolio projects

A day in the life of a CareerFoundry graduate

In this video, professional UX designer Maureen gives you a run-through of an average working day, breaking down her calendar and giving you a proper insight into a day in the life of a UX designer.

Our students are diverse and connected

We are proud of the diversity of our students and believe that anyone who is committed to learning can succeed in a tech career.

You’ll find CareerFoundry students from different backgrounds, supporting and inspiring each other, all with one common goal: to get a career they love.

Read our 2023 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report
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Self-identified gender per program

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UI/UX Design


Education level

Previous experience

Our students range from complete beginners to more experienced designers and developers who want to advance in their careers. Whatever your background, you are in good company.
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Study time commitment

Whether you are working a fulltime job, holding down a few freelance jobs, or taking care of your kids—or doing all three—our programs can accommodate your needs.

Graduates’ new job titles

Our graduates end up with different job titles that reflect their various interests, backgrounds, and the opportunities available. Some have previous experience that qualifies them for senior roles immediately, while others may start at a paid internship before securing a junior position.
UX designer UI designer Product designer UX researcher Project manager Frontend developer Visual designer Web developer UI/UX designer Data analyst Social media manager

What people are saying about CareerFoundry

Verified graduate reviews

Read what CareerFoundry graduates have to say from third-party review sites CourseReport and Switchup.

UX Design Program
Grateful for CareerFoundry

I spent a lot of time reviewing different bootcamps to take for UX design, and CareerFoundry stood out to me as the best. Their pricing is fair, and the lessons are good. I love getting to learn by doing, and CareerFoundry does a great job of setting up each lesson with a practice assignment at the end. I also love that I have a personal tutor, and a mentor that I get to meet with once a week for advice and guidance. I could not recommend CareerFoundry enough.... [Read More]

Reece Sutton
UX Design Program
Unbeatable Mentorship Experience

CareerFoundry has simply shattered my expectations for an online career change program. I’ve been through many online programs and have worked in the online education/career change space, and I can confidently say CareerFoundry has the art of online career changing down to a science. The UX Immersion Program is easy to follow, super-intensive, and full of one-on-one support.... [Read More]

Jake Wahmann
UX Design Program
Best educational experience I've had so far!

I started my CF program in UI Design on January, 2022 and finished it on January, 2023 so it took me a little longer than I expected to finish but I did so with a full-time job. Before getting into the CF program I started learning progressively with youtube videos, then Coursera courses and finally CF program. This way I made sure I was making the right choice in my career change journey into Tech from Aviation. I can't stress enough how good this program is and I have a bachelors in mechanical engineering. CF gives you literally everything you need to do a career change.... [Read More]

David Maldonado
Full-Stack Web Development Program
Excellent career kickstart

CareerFoundry is a great organization for people how want to change their career and start working in Tech, as a web developer, UX designer or in data science. The courses start at the foundation of each field, and are easy at the beginning. When you progress the exercises become more challenging and you have to solve problems in different ways, but with the right guidance and support of a tutor and a mentor, professionals working in the field.... [Read More]

Winston Muijs
Full-Stack Web Development Program
Full-Stack Immersion

This course has exceeded my expectations. The material is clear and comprehensive, and the resources available to students (mentor, tutor, and career services) really make you feel like you have someone to reach out to when you need help, and you are supported. The self-paced setup is also so wonderful, as you can take the course as slow as you need, or pick up the pace when you have time/if you want to finish sooner.... [Read More]

Elizabeth Stone
Full-Stack Web Development Program
CF FullStack Review

I have had a very positive experience so far with CareerFoundry. I started the FullStack program in February with almost zero coding experience. My CF tutor has consistently provided specific, meaningful feedback on each task; his responses are so quick, usually in a couple hours. I've also had a supportive and engaging mentor who has talked at length about his professional experience in additional to offering constructive insights about my bigger achievement projects.... [Read More]

Ian D.
UX Design Program
So happy with my choice!

When i decided to reorient my career to UX/UI Design i spent hours online researching schools. Im so glad i went CareerFoundry. The curriculum is great and the support from mentors, tutors and student advisors is part of the reason i chose CF and they keep me on track and motivated.... [Read More]

Elysa A.
UX Design Program
Loving my career change journey!

I’m just over half way through my UX Bootcamp but overall have had a great experience so far. I’m already excited to begin the job search knowing I’ve received help and feedback from so many industry professionals. I enjoy the self paced learning style which still allows for helpful and quick feedback from tutors and mentors. I’d definitely recommend CareerFoundry.... [Read More]

UX Design Program
UX Design Course

I’m enrolled in the UX design certification for the last 9 months. I have no design background and yet now I can say that I can design. The overall course content is very well organized and delivered. The tutor that I’m working with is amazing and super knowledgeable in his field. The mentor truly mentors. What else one can ask for. ... [Read More]

Shanza Khan
UX Design Program
UX Design Bootcamp

I've started this Bootcamp because I wanted to put my 110% in my passions and I thought CareerFoundry could help me with that. After a couple of weeks, I realized that it was the best choice of my life! I really enjoyed the course, the support (tutor, mentor, professional mentor, and colleagues) and I can say without a doubt that it's the best investment you can make.... [Read More]

Valentino Masala
UX Design Program
All you need for a career change

I am super happy I was able to take the UX Immersive course with a Bildungsgutschein from the German jobcenter. During the course you work on two portfolio projects, one is short to get an overview about the process and one is more detailed. This helped me a lot to practice UX methods and get confident with different software...... [Read More]

Stine Schreiber
UX Design Program
Best course to get you started in UX Design field

This is a perfect course for everybody having 0 knowledge but a lot of motivation to get started in the UX field. The course gives a lot of insights and knowledge and project-based learning lets you "get your hands dirty" and learn by doing...... [Read More]

UX Design Program
Amazing Journey!

CareerFoundry has been the best decision I've made in a long time. From the course work and the way it is presented to both my amazing Tutor and Mentor, I feel more and more prepared for the field of UX as I get through the course. The course does an amazing job of keeping students engaged...... [Read More]

Fnan Ysahak
Data Analytics Program
Data Analytics

Definitely recommend. For anyone in a tech role, you're always going to be updating your skills. You can never learn enough or have enough practice. But my course with CF gave me the skill set and confidence necessary to learn on my own...... [Read More]

Full-Stack Web Development Program

I have had the best experience with Career Foundry so far. I’m a French teacher and have no prior experience with coding, but I’m thrilled with everything I’ve been able to do so far. The curriculum is clear and easy to follow. My tutor and mentor are great and always helpful...... [Read More]

Katy Molony
UI Design Program
Successful Transition into Design from Nursing

I graduated from my UI Design course in April 2021. Within a month, I was able to land a design job in the FinTech industry. I have a background in healthcare as a nurse. I had the pleasure of being paired with Neha as my career specialist. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in providing guidance during my job hunting process - from resume building, optimizing my LinkedIn profile, to salary negotiations...... [Read More]

Liana Rego
UI Design Program
Can't say enough great things about CareerFoundry!

Choosing between different online bootcamps was a difficult process because there are so many, but I'm so beyond happy I went with my gut and chose CareerFoundry's UI Design Program. The curriculum is very well thought out and allows you to build upon your skills along the way, so many resources are given to you so you can really go above and beyond what is required. I also love how flexible the program is...... [Read More]

Chelsea M.
UI Design Program
UI/UX Design Program

I had a tough time trying to decide which online program to choose... soo soo happy that I went with Career Foundry. The support system is amazing, I love how detailed the courses are and how they go everything step by step. Offers options to have the chapters read to you as you go along, for me that is a bonus...... [Read More]

UX Design Program
CareerFoundry changes my life

Back in October 2017, I have the opportunity to join the User Experience Design course at CareerFoundry, completed the course in June 2018, and immediately I got my first UX role in July 2018. CareerFoundry course helped me...... [Read More]

Bara'a AbuHussein
Full-Stack Web Development Program
Great experience with a fully flexible remote program

I want to leave my review for the "Introduction to Frontend Development course" , which is part of the Full-Stack Web Development Program. My experience so far has been awesome. What I enjoy about CareerFoundry is the fact that it's fully flexible, so you can manage your own time. I also appreciate the help I received from my tutor and mentor...... [Read More]

Mareike Heuer
UX Design Program
Beginner student

I am currently taking the UX intensive bootcamp that spans for 10 months. I am on the last achievements, working towards my portfolio, and I can tell you that it was well worth the price. I was a little hesitant at first, but the amount of information you can learn is crazy. This not only teaches you how to build a portfolio, but could also apply to creating a business...... [Read More]

UI Design Program
Perfect place to transition careers

CareerFoundry has helped pave the way for me to transition into a new career path. Their curriculum is appropriately comprehensive and self-paced, tuition is reasonable, and they provide an abundance of resources for every step along the way. I have no regrets and am so grateful I found them! They've also continued to stick to their job guarantee...... [Read More]

Taylor Romney
Full-Stack Web Development Program
Full Stack Web Development Path Review

After doing plenty of research around the various bootcamps (and deciding that giving up my job wasn't an option) I went for the CareerFoundry Full Stack Web Development Course. My main reasons for choosing the course were: It was remote and self-paced - This meant I could work it around my full time job...... [Read More]

Intro to UX Design Course
UX Design Intro Course

I am writing this review of the 4 week Intro to UX Design Course. I have had an amazing experience so far. I love the mentorship and guidance that CareerFoundry provides. I am glad that they started offering an intro course so that students can decide whether or not they are interested before continuing on to the full immersion courses...... [Read More]

UX Design Program
UX Design Program review

I just recently graduated from the UX design program and I had a great experience with CareerFoundry. Especially the tutor and mentor combination really helped and motivated me to stay on track with the course...... [Read More]

UX Design Program
A great structure and community for learning online and career transitioning!

I have completed the Intro to UX Design course and I am currently doing Career Foundry's full UX Immersion. I think CF provides great value for money compared to the other schools and I really love their positive and encouraging learning philosophy. The course is structured well, having you complete a piece of your project during each lesson...... [Read More]

UX Design Program
Awesome course for zero background / Career change people

Perfect place to get into a different stream with zero knowledge in it. The Mentors, tutors, student advisors and the whole team helps to make us into a Pro from beginner. All are well trained and professionals. Great course structure levelling up from intro to end. I really enjoyed the course, learned a lot, improved thinking creative, boosts up the confidence....... [Read More]

Srelaatha Sabbavarapu
UX Design Program
Great foundation to build on

The course teaches you the important basics on what it needs to become a UX-Designer. The tutors and mentors are professional and the ressources are very well sorted and helpful for beginners and intermediates alike. With a real sense for progression the course motivates you to not only achieve your goals fast but also...... [Read More]

Sebastian Habenicht
UX Design Program
CareerFoundry changed my life!!

I am so thankful for CareerFoundry. The UX Design Certification online gave me flexibility to keep working and the interaction with my mentor (a Senior Designer 7+ years of UX industry experience) was invaluable. The curriculum is extremely thorough and well designed.... [Read More]

UX Design Program
Worth it!

I've been taking UX and UI courses with Careerfoundry for about a year now and I HIGHLY recommend it!. The curriculum is great, they cover a lot of ground and it is truly an immersive experience. It can get easy to get side tracked, so make sure you figure out a schedule as there are no due dates for course work but there is a time period which they expect you to complete the course in.... [Read More]

Tamara Stampone

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