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Personalized career coaching that equips you with the tools you need to find a job you love.


Combining dedicated support, resources created in-house, and an active alumni network, career services will equip you with the skills you need to excel throughout your whole career—not just your next job.


Alumni community

Worried about feeling isolated on your journey to landing your first job in tech? Problem solved. You can enjoy the continued support, expertise, and camraderie of our active global Slack community and regular live events—during your job search and well into your career.

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Halfway through the program, you’ll have the chance to opt in to the Job Prep Course, which will give you full access to our career services for up to six months after you graduate. But you can get advice and support from your career specialist long after you land your first job!

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Who are our career specialists?

From motivation to impostor syndrome, confidence to time constraints, our career specialists know the job search pitfalls back to front. With years of experience in transforming the careers of ambitious, motivated individuals, they’re well-versed in tech's fast-evolving landscape, and they provide resources and guidance that’s is in line with the latest hiring practices.

How do they support you?

During the Job Prep Course, you'll work closely with your career specialist to fine-tune your application package and interview skills, learn how to confidently market your experience, and understand what roles best align with your needs and interests. They'll help you step outside your comfort zone, equipped with proven strategies to overcome your anxiety around networking events or interviews. Even after you land your first role, your career specialist will be available for advice whenever you need it—from helping you foster strong relationships within your company, to guiding you through your next job hunt.

Where are they located?

With a growing network of career specialists based all around the world, we’ll pair you with a career specialist in your time zone. You’ll benefit from their specific expertise on your local job market.

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1.    How do CareerFoundry students find jobs?

There are many ways in which our students find jobs after graduating, but working with your career specialist is the best way to ensure success in your job search.

Many of our students start full-time jobs after the program, while others begin their careers in apprenticeships/internship programs, or choose to pursue freelancing before they move into full-time roles. In addition to the support of your career specialist, you’ll have access to our exclusive CareerHub—an alumni job board built by some of our very own graduates, where you’ll be able to find jobs from our alumni and employer network.

58% of CareerFoundry graduates find work by directly applying to publicly posted positions; 27% find work through networking and referrals; and 15% end up with a job as a result of a recruiter contacting them.

No matter where you’re from or what your career goals are, your career specialist will help you navigate the path that works best for you. Together, you’ll develop and implement a strategy for how to find the right jobs with the right employers, start networking, and get noticed by employers online.

2.    Where is the Job Guarantee offered?

We currently offer our Job Guarantee to people living in metropolitan areas in the following countries: USA, Canada, European Union & European Free Trade Area member countries such as the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

3.    Can you help me tailor my application to jobs outside of the United States?

Yes, we can help you tailor your job application to countries/job markets outside of the United States.

4.    Will my career specialist be based in my time zone?

You’ll be working directly with a career specialist in or near your timezone, so they’ll be knowledgeable about the job market in the location(s) of the jobs you’re applying for.

5.    What does CareerFoundry consider a “job”?

We consider a “job” to be either A) a full-time position at a company, or B) a part-time position, paid internship, or freelance job amounting to more than 15 hours of work per week.

Some graduates with relevant experience find more senior roles and some do internships or extra projects throughout the program to increase their chances of finding a position.

6.    How long is the Job Preparation Course?

The course takes approximately one month to complete. It is an important requirement to meet if you want to be eligible for the Job Guarantee and must be completed within 30 days of finishing your career change program If you are not seeking eligibility for the Job Guarantee, you are not required to take this course.

7.    When does the job search period begin?

The job search period starts once you’ve graduated from your program and completed the Job Preparation Course.

8.    Do I need a college degree, specific skills or relevant experience before commencing the program?

We require students to have a high school diploma—but apart from that, you don’t don’t need any other qualifications or skills.

Since applying for jobs is about knowing how to access and navigate the job market, your career specialist will work with you individually to help you understand and identify suitable roles to apply for. These will be jobs that align with your skills and experience, and you’ll learn how to create applications which highlight how your transferable skills are relevant to the field you’ve studied in.

9.    Can I choose what kind of job I want to apply for?

Our students apply to a variety of positions depending on what their career goals are. This may include anything from internships to senior level positions. Your career specialist will work with you to identify opportunities that align with your experience and objectives.

10.    Do I need to accept the first job offer I receive?

Since there are many reasons why you may or may not want to accept the first job offer you get, we assess this on a case by case basis.

11.    What kind of job can I expect to have after the program if I have no prior experience?

Our students end up in a variety of different roles after graduation. Some students get jobs as junior developers or designers, while others take on a contract, freelance role, or internship for a few months to build their skills and portfolio before moving into a full-time position.

12.    Can I still change careers and find a job if I'm in my 50s (or wiser)?

Our graduates vary in age from their early 20s to their 60s. It’s possible to successfully change careers at any time in your life. Ageism is a problem in many industries, and tech can feel quite skewed in this regard, but we've found that graduates over 50 are very successful when they know how to frame their previous work experience and transferable skills—and when they keep an open mind, as any career changer should do!

Having more years and work experience behind you can actually give you an advantage. You have a different perspective than your 20 or 30-something colleagues—and that is highly valuable in the tech industry. If you’d like to read more about this, check out Jeff’s story, a pastor who discovered UX Design later in life.

13.    Can you guarantee a particular salary? How do I know how much I’ll earn?

While we can't guarantee a particular salary, we know our graduates are very successful at landing jobs at or above the median income for their field and local market. To find out how much you could earn, you can check out sites such as Payscale and Glassdoor.

14.    What if I live in a small town or an area that’s not covered by the Job Guarantee?

If you don’t live in an area covered by our Job Guarantee or you’re not within a reasonable commuting distance, you still have access to the full support of our career services team. You'll still complete the Job Preparation course, be assigned a career specialist, and work on your job search—we just can't guarantee you a role.

15.    What if I don't live in a tech city?

We get it—not all our students live in San Francisco or New York. Part of working with a career specialist is learning where to look for roles and it might not be where you think. Digitization and emerging technology trends mean businesses across a huge range of industries are looking for professionals with the skills we teach.

For example, big corporate entities, consulting agencies, government organisations, manufacturers, and other kinds of suppliers are all looking for designers and developers to take them to the next level.

16.    What kind of perks do I receive as part of the CareerFoundry community when it comes to finding a job?

As part of the CareerFoundry community, you’ll be able to connect with a diverse, global group of tech professionals as you transition into your new careers together. You’ll also have access to online and in-person career events that focus on topics that are useful to your career development.


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